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Register of Deeds

Register of Deeds
350 Pageant Lane, Suite 101-A
P.O. Box 1124
Clarksville, TN 37041-1124
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Phone: (931) 648-5713
Fax: (931) 553-5157
Hours: M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Requirements for Filing Documents

Document Types


  • Grantor and grantee names

All Documents

  • Name of preparer of instrument
  • Property in Montgomery County
  • Original document or certified copy (all certified copies must have clerk signature and seal from certifying office)
  • Must be signed
  • Notarized with complete notary acknowledgement (Notarization is optional for leases)
  • Date notarized
  • Date notary commission expires
  • Check payable to Register of Deeds
  • The check must be dated and signed
  • Is the document taxable?
  • Check disposition of document

Assignment of D.O.T

  • Assignor & assignee
  • Name of debtor
  • Book & Page of assigned document
  • $5 on each additional assignment reference

Assumption Agreement

  • Reference original DOT
  • “Maximum principle indebtedness for Tennessee tax purposes is $0.” Only if the assumption is without a release, it releases the original borrower and tax is collected.

Decree for Redemption

  • Chancery clerk deed with seal from court

Decree Confirming Sale

  • Owners name and address
  • Tax bill name and address
  • Map and parcel number
  • Oath of Consideration

Deed of Trust

  • Debtor name
  • Secured party name
  • Trustee name
  • Property Description
  • Current derivation clause
  • “Maximum principle indebtedness”

Divorce Decree

  • Certified Copy


  • Oath of Consideration, taxable

Fixture Filing

  • Collateral to secure indebtedness
  • Debtor and secured party name and address
  • “Maximum principal indebtedness”
  • Special form
  • Fixture filings must have: “Fixture filing, file in real estate records”
  • Fixtures state name of record
  • Owner & address of property where fixture is located
  • Financing statements $0.50 Per page for each page over 10

Fiture Continuations

  • Must have wording: “Exactly same collateral as prior debt, does not increase principal debt”
  • Assignment must state assigning party

Fixture Terminations

  • Statements must be signed and dated by secured party
  • All subsequent documents must refer to original filing
  • “True lease” transactions must state $0 as amount and “No security interest – true lease”
  • Information only filings must state $0 for special indebtedness & “No security interest, notice only”

Greenbelt Assessments

  • Approved by tax assessor

Lien Retained Deeds

  • New owner name and address
  • Tax bill address
  • Grantor and grantee
  • Map & parcel number
  • Oath of consideration
  • “Maximum principal indebtedness”
  • Property description
  • Derivation clause

Installment Contract

  • “Maximum principal indebtedness”
  • Mortgage tax due
  • Signed by debtor
  • Notarized and dated


  • Name of party placing lien
  • Name of property owner
  • Amount of lien

Master Deeds

  • Check all exhibits

Modification of D.O.T.

  • If modifying amount, must state amount of increase in the maximum indebtedness. There is a $250 penalty or double the tax, whichever is greater, if it is over 60 days old.
  • Original reference


  • Debtor name
  • Secured party name
  • Property description
  • Current derivation clause
  • “Maximum principle indebtedness”

Notice of Completion

  • Name of owner
  • Name of contractor
  • Proper address/lot & subdivision
  • Date of completion

Notice of Federal Tax Lien

  • Name and address of debtor
  • Amount of debt

Power of Attorney

  • Grantor and grantee names

Quit Claim Deeds

  • Owner name and address
  • Tax bill name and address
  • Map and parcel
  • Grantor and grantee names, may convey interest only (have and to hold language)
  • Property description
  • Current derivation clause
  • Oath of consideration
  • No title warranty
  • May have $0 or actual consideration in oath

Release of Liens

  • Reference instrument being released
  • name of debtor(s)

Subdivision Plats

  • Reference numbers
  • Signature of planning commission
  • Signature and seal of surveyor
  • Property owner


  • Certified copy from probate

Warranty Deed

  • Name and address of new owner
  • Tax bill address
  • Map and parcel number(s)
  • Oath of consideration
  • Property description
  • Derivation clause
  • Grantor and grantee names