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Freeze Warning - Montgomery County In Effect ... [Details]

Our Mission

Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson

The members of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to protecting life and property. We are committed to providing all citizens with the highest quality full-service law enforcement in an effective and efficient manner. While providing the traditional services of the Office of Sheriff, we stand ready to support and augment all other law enforcement agencies.

We recognize that the ability to successfully complete our mission is based on shared mutual respect and responsibility between the Sheriff's Office, other law enforcement agencies, and the citizens we serve.

As professionals, we will enforce the laws in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of our police authority, and at all times respecting and protecting the constitutional rights of every individual.



MCSO employee under investigation by 19th Drug Task Force

An employee with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is under investigation by the 19th Judicial District Drug Task Force.
​The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the findings of the investigation.
The investigation is still ongoing so no further information can be released at this time.
When the investigation is complete, the findings will be turned over to the District Attorney for Grand Jury presentment. 


Violent Threat Halted Due to SRO Teamwork

             A man who made threats through social media earlier today about committing a shooting at a football game was quickly apprehended at Clarksville High School.

            Around noon today, SRO Deputy Jesse James received a tip of possible threats from a man who planned to show up to a high school football game and commit a shooting.

            “The threats couldn’t be directly confirmed, but we take every threat to citizen safety seriously,” said Sheriff John Fuson.

            James made other SRO’s aware of the threat and sent out a picture of the suspect.

            SRO Deputy Carlos Silva noticed the suspect at the Clarksville High School football game and notified SRO Deputy Tammy Axley and school administrators.

            “I approached him and pulled him to the side,” said Silva. “He said he had a weapon, and that’s when I found him to be in possession of BB guns.”

Silva apprehended Ravon Baxter, 18, just before halftime. He is filing charges of possessing a weapon on school property and possession of a prohibited weapon. He is currently awaiting booking and his bond amount is to be determined.

“I’m very proud of our school resource officer program,” said Captain Jesse Reynolds. “There were great efforts made today by both SROs and school official to neutralize this threat.”

Added Fuson: “Our SROs are very diligent when it comes to the safety and security of their students. I am proud of the teamwork that they showed here tonight to thwart another potentially serious situation.”



Scammers Again Targeting Area Residents

             Scammers are once again targeting residents of Montgomery County, purporting to be officials of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

            Sgt. Steve Heise said the MCSO has received several complaints from victims who were told they had outstanding warrants, sometimes for failure to appear for jury duty.

            “The subject will then ask the victim to put $1,000 on a Green Dot card and then give them the number over the phone, or they will be immediately arrested,” Heise said.

            He added that the scammers are very good at what they do. They will spoof the MCSO’s telephone number and give them information about the agency obtained from the Internet. The scammers will also give the victim information about themselves they’ve researched through the internet.

            “If a victim falls for it, it’s nearly impossible to get that money back,” Heise said. “The scammer is hard to track, but we’re teaming with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations to try and track them down.”

            The scammers might also pose as someone with another agency, or sweepstakes companies, but in all instances, they want the victim to give them money using a Green Dot card.

            “The best thing you can do, if you receive one of these calls, is to hang up and call the actual agency to verify,” Heise said. “And keep in mind, government agencies will never ask for payment over the telephone.”

            Sheriff John Fuson added: “The public should remember that no one from the Montgomery county sheriffs office will ever call them seeking money – all fees and fines for civil and criminal matters are handled by the court clerk.

Heise asks that citizens educate themselves, and spread the word about this scam to their friends and families, so no one else becomes a victim.


Investigator graduates from TBI State Academy

             Sgt. Steve Heise recently was the first investigator with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to graduate the six-week Tennessee Bureau of Investigations State Academy.

            “The training was outstanding and second to none,” Heise said.”

            Graduates learned about crime scene and death investigations, undercover operations, constitutional law, leadership, fingerprinting, child sex abuse, prescription & financial fraud and methamphetamines.

            Much of the training Heise received was hands on. He was able to help process a mock crime scene of an actual case, investigate it and prepare it for mock court. He also was able to visit the William Bass Body Farm in Knoxville, Tenn. where he unearthed, documented and recovered human skeletons.

            “I was able to network with 11 other investigators and detectives from across the state that also attended the academy,” Heise said. “I gained new leadership techniques and heard from prominent speakers from across the United States that specialize in these fields.”

            Heise said the things he learned will not only benefit him, as an investigator, but the entire agency.

            “The amount of education, skills and networking I’ve acquired over the last six weeks will not only benefit me in continuing my career, but will allow me to share this newfound knowledge with the investigators in my unit, which will ultimately benefit the citizens of Montgomery County,” Heise said.

            Sheriff John Fuson added: “Investigators from across the state had to compete just to be accepted into this State Academy. We are not only proud that Sgt. Heise was selected, we are excited about the knowledge that he brings back to the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens that we serve”. 


SROs, During Break, Assist in Warrants Roundup

             During last week’s fall break, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Warrants Section conducted a warrant roundup while aided by school resource officers

            As part of Operation SRO Fall Fling, the deputies apprehended 9 fugitives, clearing a total of 31 felony and 5 misdemeanor warrants ranging from theft to rape.

            “During this operation, our agency was able to clear a growing number of criminal warrants while using the SROs as much-needed additional manpower during their break from school,” said Sheriff John Fuson.       

            Deputies received a daily briefing and threat assessment from Deputies Donovan Newlove and Cody Lannom on each fugitive that was targeted by the section.

            “The school resource officers’ willingness to learn and increase their tactical proficiency will benefit them in their every day duties with the school system,” said SRO Sgt. Malcolm Burgess, who is also a member of the MCSO Tactical Unit.

            Also, during this operation, the SROs were able to assist other MCSO units with the search and apprehension of one of two juveniles that escaped state transport last week.

            “This kind of cross training and cooperative working relationship is a key part of Sheriff Fuson’s plan to make his deputies more effective,” said Lt. Cliff Smith, who is in charge of the Criminal Warrants Section and SROs.

            Sgt. Kenneth Austion, who is the first-line supervisor of the warrants section, added: “We are getting better at our job of apprehending fugitives because we continue to build productive relationships with other agencies and our citizens.”

Deputies Searching for Escaped Juvenile

             Deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office are continuing the search for one of two juveniles who escaped transport earlier this afternoon.

            The two were being transported from court back to Middle Tennessee Juvenile Detention by a correctional officer with the facility.

            Around 1 p.m., passersby called 911 when the juveniles jumped from the back window of the transport van at the stoplight at state routes 48 and 149. Deputies set up a perimeter and K9 deputies searched the area.

            Deputy Eric Trout with K9 Fuse, Investigator Geoff Blanchard and Deputy Casey Bohn searched a nearby wooded area where the first juvenile gave up when he heard the dog combing the area. He was taken into custody without incident.

            Authorities continue the search for the second juvenile, described at a 15-year-old Hispanic male with a ponytail wearing shorts and a multicolored shirt. When he escaped, he was wearing handcuffs and shackles. Anyone who sees this individual should call 911 immediately and report his location.


Event to Raise Awareness for Domestic Violence

 Organizers hope an event tomorrow will help raise awareness of domestic violence and local victims.

Deputy Peggy Macias said the “Remember My Name” event was first brought to Montgomery County in October 2013, during Domestic Violence Awareness month, to Kenwood High School in memory of assistant principal Pam Cooper, who was killed by her ex-husband.

This year, the event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Civic Hall in Veteran’s Plaza on Pageant Lane. It will include the Clarksville Clothesline Project, the Silent Witness Project and Dreams to Screams.

“Last year, there were a total of 18 life-sized silhouettes that debut, each with a gold shield on them that tells who they were and what happened to them,” Macias said. “This year, we have added 14 new silhouettes, all of which represent men, women and children murdered in this community from domestic violence.

“Not all of these people were born and raised here, but they all have one thing in common – they all died here,” Macias added. “Some were beaten, stabbed, shot, strangled and set on fire.”

Of the silhouettes exhibited, three were active-duty soldiers stationed at Fort Campbell, and this year’s event is dedicated to them – PFC Ashley Barnes and SPC Shardae Wright.

“Ashley’s mom, Michelle, is traveling to our event from Alabama and Shardae’s mom, Retha, will be traveling here from Mississippi,” Macias added. “There will be other local family members present.”

The event will also feature a free lunch, while supplies last, a drawing for a 65” Vizio High Definition television, and open truck and car show hosted by Corvettes of Clarksville, a silent auction to benefit Safehouse and activities for children including a Home Depot Kid’s Workshop.

The event is co-hosted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Daymar Institute. Wal-Mart is also a sponsor of the event.

The event will go on, rain or shine, and all are encouraged to attend.


West Creek High School threats: Suspect had no means of carrying out threats


                A suspect in custody after posting threats on a social media Web site had no means to carry out the threats, according to investigators with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

                The suspect is a minor and a student at West Creek High School, where the threats had been directed in the social media posts. Investigators found that the suspect did not have weapons to carry out the threats.

                The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations worked diligently with MCSO investigators throughout the evening and into the morning to track down the suspect. The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System also worked closely with investigators and provided them with everything they needed to track down the suspect.

                “We just want to thank the school system – we are all stakeholders in the safety of our community’s children, and we are thankful to have had their support through this investigation,” said Sheriff John Fuson.

                No more information will be released at this time, as the investigation is still pending.

                Anyone with any information regarding this case should call 648-0611 ext. 13400.

A message from Sheriff John Fuson on social media threats to West Creek school:

We have been working on this threat all night and into the early morning hours.

About the only thing that I can release at this time is that we do have one suspect and continue to investigate the threats to ensure that we have everyone involved. I am confident that this is the sole suspect. As with any investigation, we cannot release too much because it is still ongoing.

The biggest point that I would like to get across is that the West Creek School Campus is safe. There will be an increased law-enforcement presence until the end of the investigation.

I am proud of the work that our investigators put in last night. We take threats like this very seriously and will investigate them very aggressively until the person or persons making the threats are caught.



Poker Run to Benefit Chaplain with Inoperable Cancer

 Motorcyclists looking for something fun to do Saturday can enjoy a poker run that will benefit a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office chaplain who has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.

Registration for the Poker Run for Chaplain Emmett Sexton will begin at 10 a.m. at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, 120 Commerce Street.

“I decided to put this ride together to help Chaplain Sexton raise money for treatment,” said Sgt. David Cocanougher. “The treatment is not covered by insurance.”

Cocanougher, who is a member of Clarksville Chapter of Roughnecks Motorcycle Club, said the group’s mission is to donate and support charities that benefit injured or slain public safety officers, military personnel and first responders and their families.

He explains that a poker run consists of riders going to 5 stops, and at each stop, they draw a card from a deck of cards. On a scorecard they are given at the beginning of the run, they write down what they draw at each stop. At the end of the ride, they turn in the card and whoever has the best and worst hand will win prizes. The first score card is $10 and each additional are $5. Riders can buy as many cards as they would like.

Several of the stops will also have prize drawings. B.A. Wolfe will have a drawing at their stop, and Midsouth Moto-Plex will have hot dogs and water for those participating in the run.

“We will also be doing a 50/50 drawing,” Cocanougher said. “Everyone is offered the opportunity to purchase tickets, and at the finish, we will draw one from the pot. The winner will receive half that money, and the other half goes to Chaplain Sexton.”

Every dollar from the run will go to Sexton, as well.

Cocanougher said the event will go on, rain or shine, and if it rains instead, people can pack up in their car or truck and still participate.

He urges anyone with questions to call him at 931-237-9120.

SCAM ALERT: Suspects Pretending to be MCSO Officials,

Asking for Money

             October 3, 2014 - Investigators with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office are again warning the community of a suspect purporting to be a lieutenant with the MCSO and asking for money or other forms of payment.

            “We’re hearing of someone claiming to be a lieutenant and asking people to give him cash or Green Dot cards as payment for some criminal charge,” said Sgt. Mark Wojnarek. “The MCSO would never ask for cash, cards or any checks from anyone. Please don’t buy into this scam.”

            Sheriff John Fuson added that Davidson County has also had similar incidents.

            “Our citizens have faced this scam in the past, and we want to make sure the public is aware that this scam continues across the state,” Fuson said.




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