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Our Mission

Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson

The members of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to protecting life and property. We are committed to providing all citizens with the highest quality full-service law enforcement in an effective and efficient manner. While providing the traditional services of the Office of Sheriff, we stand ready to support and augment all other law enforcement agencies.

We recognize that the ability to successfully complete our mission is based on shared mutual respect and responsibility between the Sheriff's Office, other law enforcement agencies, and the citizens we serve.

As professionals, we will enforce the laws in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of our police authority, and at all times respecting and protecting the constitutional rights of every individual.



Authorities warn of scams asking for immediate fine payment

 June 23, 2014 - Over the past several months, citizens of Montgomery County have received several types of calls of someone posing as a law enforcement official in an attempt to swindle them out of money.

The callers have said they are a high-ranking official with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, looking for payment on a green dot card or as a sergeant looking to collect on unpaid fines from red light cameras in the county.

“We’ve received a number of calls from citizens about this, and we want to make sure everyone knows to not give the person any information or money,” said Sheriff John Fuson. “The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will never seek fine payment over the phone or through any other method than the court system.”

Fuson went on to say that the MCSO doesn’t use red light cameras to police those running red lights.

Potential victims should gather as much information about the call as they can, including the phone number and the name of the person they are purporting to be.

“Some scammers have been able to spoof the MCSO number, making it seem as if they are calling from our office,” Fuson said. “When in doubt, hang up and call us directly.”

If anyone receives a phone call like this, please call 911 and ask to speak with an officer to file a report.



Silent Witness Project recognized in House Resolution


            July 21, 2014 - Representative Joe Pitts presented a House Joint Resolution Monday recognizing the Silent Witness Project to Deputy Peggy Macias and Sheriff John Fuson.Representative Joe Pitts presents a House Joint Resolution recognizing the Silent Witness Project to Deputy Peggy Macias and Sheriff John Fuson.

            The Silent Witness Project started in Minnesota in 1990, and Macias worked hard to help bring the project here to Montgomery County.

            “It may have been created for the first time in 1990, but the message is timeless,” Macias said.

            Through this program, silhouette cutouts are created representing the victims who lost their lives due to domestic violence. Each silhouette tells the victim’s story.

            “The simplicity of the display is powerful,” Pitts said, adding that when the project was brought to the Legislative Plaza in Nashville recently, it had a profound effect. “I know it spoke to those who saw it.”

            He added that through their work with the project, Fuson and Macias help raise awareness of domestic violence and the tragic endings that can come from it.

            “Although we are happy to receive this resolution, we must always remember the sadness and suffering of these victims and their families,” Fuson said. “Also, from a law enforcement perspective, it’s our job to bring these issues to the forefront, not only to our community, but to our legislative bodies as well.”

            Macias said that preparations are already being made for the next Silent Witness Project event, to be held October 11 in Veteran’s Plaza, and will again encourage the community to “Remember My Name,” in regards to the victims of domestic violence.

            Last year, 18 silhouettes were created, and 14 more will be added to the display. All represent someone killed in our community.

            There will be a silent auction to benefit Safe House, as well.

            Macias said that anyone wishing to set up an exhibit or wishing to participate in the event should contact her at 931-648-0611 ext. 13400.


Events in Honor of Deputy ‘Bubba’ Johnson a Success

 July 19, 2014 - Hundreds came out to support two events today in memory of fallen Deputy David “Bubba” Johnson.

A light mist had begun falling shortly after 8 a.m. when Sheriff John Fuson spoke to the crowd of hundreds of runners waiting to begin the Inaugural Bubba Johnson Memorial 5K Road Race.Members of the MCSO Tactical Team run together through the course

“I think Bubba is watching over us today,” Fuson said. “It’s the perfect weather for a run.”

He and Lt. Sonny Goodowens, who spearheaded the effort to put together the race, presented Bubba’s wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Shelby with two plaques comprised of runners bibs that were, at one time, Bubba’s call numbers and medals.

“I know you miss him, and we do too. But you will always be a part of the Sheriff’s Office family,” Fuson said.

The runners seemed to enjoy the unseasonably cool and slightly wet weather as they made their way through a route that wound through downtown Clarksville.

After the 5K, several also participated in the 1 mile Fun Run, which started and ended near Clarksville First Baptist Church, where the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Reserves had a full day of fun events planned for the David “Bubba” Johnson Community Outreach Day 2014.

Citizens got to see what several different divisions of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office do, including K-9s, Bomb Squad and the 19th Judicial District Drug Task Force.

At one of the more popular booths, Sgt. Jimmy Brown had a game of cornhole set up, but the catch was, participants had to wear goggles that simulate intoxication. Most found it far too challenging, if not nauseating.

Runners gather at the starting line of the inaugural Bubba Johnson Memorial 5K Road RaceThroughout the day, hundreds of free hot dogs were consumed, thousands of dollars in donated door prizes were given away, and many a kid’s face was painted.

“I know Bubba is smiling down on us right now,” Fuson said. “I know he would have been overwhelmed with the support from the community. I know I am.”

Participants may find additional photos at the MCSO Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mcsotn.



 Major General Robert Harris Awards Sheriff John Fuson

            Sheriff John Fuson signs the Statement of Support which was also signed by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, while MG Robert Harris, CSM Dan Jennings and Deputies Michael Howard, Brandon Theis, James Owens, Marsel Gray, Theodore Rooding look on. June 16, 2014 - MG Robert A. Harris, Assistant Adjutant General, is responsible for 10,500 combat ready Soldiers who make up the Tennessee Army National Guard and he visited Clarksville to assist with the presentation of three awards to Sheriff John Fuson. Sheriff Fuson was recognized for his support of his employees who are members of the Air and Army National Guard as well as US Army Reservist. “We are very proud to be here…. a lot of times we take it for granted that our leadership in Para-military organizations (Law Enforcement Agencies) are understanding of the folks that are in the Guard and Reserve and the difficulties they have in getting off to do this mission because of their work schedule, so I am very excited to be part of this and proud to help present these awards to you and your organization” said Harris.

            Carl Lambert, State Chair for the Tennessee Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve explained to all how the ESGR represents Guard and Reservist in both seeking employment and maintaining employment of Citizen Soldiers over a full spectrum of professions. Lambert stated, “These guys are professionals who have demonstrated the attributes and skills desired by employers… but the most enjoyable part of my job is to recognize employers who do what you (Fuson) do”. Lambert read the citation of the “Patriot Award” to Sheriff Fuson and thanked him for all he has done on behalf of the guard and reservist.

            In addition, Sheriff Fuson accepted the “Above and Beyond Award” on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office for supporting Citizen Soldiers as well as their families. “This award is just what it says. You (Sheriff Fuson) know what the law says, but you have gone past that, above that especially when dealing with Guardsmen, their families and making sure that they have everything that they need…. giving them the assurance that their job is safe upon their return.”

            Some of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, have deployed as many as three times over the last ten years in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and several smaller mobilizations in support of their State mission, responding to natural disasters throughout the country and overseas, as well as enhance the US Border Patrol in the South West and providing security for the Presidential Inauguration in D.C. Currently Tennessee has 350 Soldiers downrange and the majority of those scheduled to deploy are from the 117th Military Police Battalion. The 117th MP BN CSM, Sonny Goodowens, shared how great it was to hear that your boss is being recognized while you are deployed, “it is one less thing to worry about in a combat zone”.Carl Lambert State Chair for the Tennessee Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve presents Sheriff Fuson with the “Patriot Award” from the Secretary of Defense


After being presented the Awards, Sheriff John Fuson signed a Statement of Support, which was previously signed by the Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel re-affirming his support for the guard and reserve and stated “To the people that work here, in addition to their National Guard job, it’s all about service, it’s in their hearts and minds, it’s what they want to do for our community. We are proud to have people like this is in our organization and I know you (MG Harris) are also proud to have the same folks in your organization that have service in mind. They are not doing it just for a paycheck or prestige, it’s what the feel in their heart and it’s their commitment to the values that built this country that really makes me appreciate all of you.”


 Patriot Award Citation

Sheriff John Fuson was recognized for:

  • Exercising his right to continue pay beyond the 20 days of military leave required by State Law for Soldiers who are activated to duty for local emergencies or State crises.
  • Hiring of Tennessee Guardsman within his agency and ensuring all Soldier employees receive adequate representation and consideration for promotions and transfers within agency divisions.
  • Ensures that concerns of guardsman and their families wither deployed or conducting traditional obligations are immediately brought to his personal attention through Command Staff representation and “Open Door” policy. 
  • Established and enforces a “Worry Free” workplace allowing Soldiers to concentrate on their Military task and not be distracted by their duties at the Sheriff’s Office when on drill status, training or activation.
  • Takes a vested interest in the Tennessee Army National Guard’s Defense Support of Civilian Agencies mission and maintains two way communications through the Homeland Security District 7, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.



Sheriff’s Office Obtains Green Certification

 June 15, 2014 - The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, through nearly a year’s worth of extensive planning, changing habits and educating its employees, has obtained Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification.Mayors Carolyn Bowers and Kim McMillan along with Sheriff Fuson and several employees of the MCSO cut the ribbon for their green certification.

            “We started this project last October, and through the Environmental Task Force we created, we’ve met the requirements to gain certification,” said Sheriff John Fuson.

            During a ribbon cutting ceremony today, Fuson explained the process to County Mayor Carolyn Bowers and City Mayor Kim McMillan.

            The process began with meetings of the Task Force, made up of several key employees from each division.

            From there, the Task Force came up with several initiatives to not only reduce the environmental impact of the Sheriff’s Office, but to also save money.

            For example, the Sheriff’s Office decided to purchase the more economical 2014 Ford Escape for use by civil process deputies who don’t have a need for higher horsepower vehicles. This not only decreased environmental impact, but increased gas mileage and saved money, as the vehicle is cheaper than the vehicles typically used in the MCSO fleet. The vehicle cost $2,800 less than other patrol vehicle, and costs half the price in gas.

            “This was a better choice for us, all around,” Fuson said. “We’re saving taxpayer dollars and we’re reducing pollution, all at the same time.”

            The MCSO also takes part in the military’s DLA Disposition Services program, which allows local law enforcement and emergency agencies to obtain equipment no longer used by the military for the agencies’ operations.

            “We’re able to obtain equipment we need without dipping into our budget, and we’re reusing equipment that the military no longer requires and repurposing it to fit our needs,” Fuson said.

            A big part of maintaining green certification is making sure everyone inside the agency changes habits to be more environmentally conscious.

            “We have to continue to change our habits to continue this trend – and these habit changes are something that everyone at home can do,” Fuson said.

            This includes using less paper, by using digital copies of documents rather than printing them out. The MCSO is doing this by providing reports to citizens that request them via e-mail, free of charge.

            The Sheriff’s Office is also looking to the future, working with Austin Peay State University’s GIS Center to create a fleet file that accurately tracks vehicle usage, mileage, maintenance and more.

            “Tracking our vehicles will greatly improve our ability to manage our fleet and reduce our impact on the environment,” Fuson said.

            Helping bring an agency the size of the MCSO to green status is an arduous and ongoing task, but Fuson said he’s committed to constantly improving.

            “We’re proud to receive our certification, but we’re not done, yet,” Fuson said. “We’re still looking into and implementing other options for making our agency better for the environment.”

            After the ribbon was cut and a sticker was put on the door of the Public Safety Complex to show the agency’s certification, County Mayor, Carolyn Bowers congratulated everyone.

            “I appreciate you being conscious of the environment,” Bowers said. “Keep it up, and I’m proud of you.”

            Fuson thanked Bi-County for supporting Clarksville Montgomery County Green Certification program which encourages organizations to conserve resources when possible.

 Sheriff John Fuson unveils the new fleet vehicle, a 2014 Ford Escape that costs less, has a higher mile per gallon rating and is more environmentally friendly


The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is maintaining their certification through the following:

  • Increasing traffic stops for criminal violations to include the improper securing of trash loads, criminal littering and investigation of hazardous waste dumping.
  • Significant reduction in the amount of paper and ink to print tests and manuals.
  • Using more environmentally friendly and longer-lasting protective vests.
  • Reusing vehicle parts from older or wrecked vehicles to fix and maintain current fleet.
  • Retrieving unused medications from the public through the 19th Judicial District Drug Task Force and dispensing of them in an environmentally sound way.
  • Educating employees on how to be more environmentally conscious at work and at home.



Nearly 40 compete in Golf Scramble Fundraiser

June 11, 2014 - Nearly 40 golfers competed in the Inaugural School Resource Officer/Reserve Golf Scramble Friday morning at Swan Lake Golf Course.Sheriff John Fuson tees off at the first ever School Resource Officer/Reserve Golf Scramble Friday morning

The team taking home first place were Tom Daugherty, Lewis Boyd, Ed Fowler, Ronald Lott, with second place going to Brian Prentice, Ron Farley, Ray Johnson, Pat Vaden and the team to take third was Joey Henicle, Travis Hanley, Stephen Sewell, Matt Jeffers.

Taking home the award for closest to pin were Harold Mullins and Kristen Pender and the awards for longest drive go to Brian Helms and Kristen Pender.

Sheriff John Fuson competed in the scramble, and thanked everyone who participated.

“I hope you all had a good time, it was a great day to play golf,” Fuson said. He said everyone’s participation was appreciated, as all funds raised go towards training for school resource officers.

“I appreciate your support, and I know they do as well,” Fuson said. “As you may have read, our budget is tight, so this will benefit their ability to gain quality training.”

Sgt. Susan Pender, who put the scramble together, said she hopes to see everyone again next year, as this won’t be the last golf fundraiser.

“I know everyone had a lot of fun out there,” Pender said.

Pender thanked sponsors F&M Bank, Active Screen Graphics, Katherine Matheny (Keller-Williams Realty), Four Seasons Florist, Ledbetter Signs, Kroger, Dollywood, Nashville Sounds, Play It Again Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Harris Hold Martial Arts Studio, Under Armour, Briggs Clothier, Thomas Lumber Company, Page & Tuttle, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Dillard’s, Clarksville Police Supply, Active.com, Golfsmith, Warrior Golf, Beth Unfried, Lois Smith, Clarksville Athletic Club, Sgt. Malcolm Burgess, Dean and Janet Lambert, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority and Zaxby’s.




Drug Task Force Dismantles Meth Lab, Arrests OneAgents retrieve items used to manufacture methamphetamine from an apartment on Executive Drive.

             June 9, 2014 - Agents with the 19th Judicial District Drug Task Force last night dismantled a methamphetamine lab at a local apartment and arrested one woman.

            Samantha Smith, 29, who gave a 245 Executive Drive Apt. 2A address, was booked into Montgomery County Jail on charges of initiating the process of manufacturing methamphetamine.

            “Clarksville Police Department responded to a call at the complex where children were complaining of a chemical smell and a burning sensation in their eyes,” said Sgt. Kyle Darnell, Director of the 19th JDDTF. “They called us for assistance and we searched the apartment.”

            Agents collected components used in creating methamphetamines, which lead to the quarantine of the entire building, as the apartments in the building share an attic and ventilation system.

            “The neighbors, who were innocent in all this, found themselves displaced because of the meth being manufactured in the apartment,” Darnell said.

            Along with CPD, Clarksville Fire Rescue and Montgomery County EMS provided assistance at the scene.



Uncle Joe’s Barber Shop raises funds in honor of fallen deputy

 1 – Sheriff John Fuson is presented with a check from Uncle Joe’s Barber Shop in honor of Deputy David “Bubba” Johnson. Pictured are Fuson, Greg Cooper, Brad Young and Jonathon Uzzle.July 9, 2014 -  A local barber that Deputy David “Bubba” Johnson used to frequent and the shop he works with raised $350 in his honor during a charity haircut day recently.

            Barbers with Uncle Joe’s Barber Shop presented Sheriff John Fuson with the check today, which will be added to funds that will be used for a trip to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony in Washington, D.C. where Johnson’s name will be added to the memorial.

            “We appreciate you doing this for Bubba,” Fuson told them. “Bubba meant a lot to us, and it means a lot to us that you’d do this in his honor.”

            Brad Young said they set up a bucket and took donations while cutting hair throughout the day. He said several MCSO employees showed up, along with a crowd of others.

            “It makes you feel good,” Young said.

            “It was great for us to be able to honor Bubba in the way that we did,” said Greg Cooper.

            They all said they hoped to do it again next year, and continue to honor Johnson.


Citizens should be aware of phone scam

             June 13, 2014 - Citizens should again be aware of a possible phone scam where an unknown person calls them purporting to be a law enforcement official in an attempt to gain financial information.

            “They might call and say they are a deputy or from the attorney general’s office, provide legitimate information about the victim they find on the internet, and tell the person they will be arrested if they don’t pay a certain amount of money,” said Sgt. Steve Heise.

            In some cases, the individual may use a technique to where it looks as if they are calling from the number of the agency they claim to be from.

            “Everyone should be advised that no government agency, in any way, would call and tell someone they must pay a certain amount of money or they will go to jail,” Heise added. “When in doubt, call the MCSO at 931-648-0611 and ask.”

            Anyone who may have received a call like this should contact police immediately.

            A citizen in the county received a similar call from someone with a heavy Russian accent claiming to be an IRS agent, demanding the person to call immediately or there will be consequences.

            The public should know that the IRS would only contact them by postal mail in these situations.

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