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Register of Deeds

Register of Deeds
350 Pageant Lane, Suite 101-A
P.O. Box 1124
Clarksville, TN 37041-1124
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Phone: (931) 648-5713
Fax: (931) 553-5157
Hours: M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office prepare documents for customers?
The only document that our office will prepare is a release. All other documents would need to be prepared before they are brought in to be recorded.
Does your office furnish me with the title to my home after I have paid off the mortgage?
The document that shows you own your property is called a deed. Your deed was recorded in our office when you originally purchased the property. We do not keep the original deed in our possession until you pay off the mortgage. The original document was given or mailed back to whoever delivered it to us when it was recorded. You may obtain a copy of the deed from our office at any time.
Will your office record a copy of a document if I don't have an original?
The only type of copy that can be recorded in our office is a Certified Copy of a document that has been recorded in another government office. Otherwise, we must have original, signed, notarized documents in order to record them in our office.
Where are Notary Seals placed on documents?
The signature on all documents must be notarized. If the document requires an "oath of consideration", then the oath must also be notarized.
Is the name of the person who prepared the document required for recording purposes?
Can you tell me if there are any liens/mortgages/encumbrances on a piece of property?
This is one service that is not provided by our office. To determine the requested information, you must perform a title search, which is usually done by an attorney or title company. Our indexes are on computer, and they are open to the public if you would like to search the records.
Who owns a certain property?
In accordance with the laws & statutes of the State of Tennessee , all indexes for recorded documents in the Register's Office are name based, and if you think it has sold recently, we will check our grantors indexes to see if it has changed hands. To search by address you may contact the Montgomery County Assessor of Property at (931) 648-5709.
Can you tell me the recording information on a document such as a warranty deed, deed of trust, or other such instrument?
We can tell you when a document was recorded and the book and page that we use to identify the document.
Will you check to see if a deed of trust has been released?
We will try to determine whether or not a deed of trust (mortgage) has been released if you can tell us the book and page, borrower's name, amount, and when it was originally recorded in our office.
What was the selling price for a property?
If the property was sold by virtue of a warranty deed, we can, in most cases, look at that document and tell you the consideration amount, which is the same thing as the sales price. Sometimes property is conveyed with a quit claim deed, and those documents do not normally show a consideration amount for the transfer.
Will you fax a copy of a deed or other recorded document to me?
If you or your company has previously set up an escrow account with our office, we will fax copies at a charge of $2.00 per page. If you do not have an escrow account you have to mail in your request to the office.
Can I go access the information in your office from the internet?
We do provide access to the indexes and images in our office for a fee. You may call our office or check the web site at for more information.
For recording purposes, what documents require the statement "Maximum Principal Indebtness For Tennessee Recording Tax Purposes Is $________"?
This statement is required on documents securing a debt.
What are the hours of operation?
Our office is open from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.
For recording purposes, what documents require the Oath of Consideration Statement?
This statement is required on any deeds transferring real estate.
What methods of payment does the Register's Office accept?
The Register's office will accept cash, cashier's check, money order or business check for recording and copy fees.
Can the Register's office provide a survey showing the boundary lines of my property?
No. The Register's office records plats of subdivisions showing all lots in a development.
Can the Register of Deeds speak to my civic group or church organization?
Yes. Please call the Register of Deeds at 648-5713.
Can I find bankruptcies, divorces and other court documents in the Register's office?
Bankruptcies, divorces and other court documents are recorded and indexed as decrees. However, not all court documents are filed with the Register's office. This will vary according to requirements within a court decree or an individual's personal choice.