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E-911 Center

E-911 Center
130 South First Street
Clarksville, TN 37040
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Non-Emergency: (931) 552-1011


The Montgomery County E-911 Center is overseen and managed by the local 911 Emergency Communication District Board. This board handles matters related to employment decisions, fiscal budgets, and department policies.

In addition to the local District Board there also is a 911 User Board. The User Board is a non-voting liaison type group made up of representatives from each agency that is served by the 911 center. They work together on inter-agency issues and procedures so all agencies are working together in an efficient manner.

Director Betty Miller(right) and Assistant Director Shane Givens(left)The current director for the 911 center is Betty Miller. She handles the day to day management activities for the department and reports to the 911 District Board. Some of Betty's duties include preparing and monitoring the department's budget, conducting employment interviews, and representing the department in numerous meetings. Betty is supported in her duties by our assistant department director.

The Assistant Director, Shane Givens, works on many of the areas just mentioned. He also prepares audio recordings, pulls complaint records, and updates computer files in our CAD (computer aided dispatch) system.

To round out our organizational and supervisory staff are our shift and training supervisors. They work alongside our dispatchers and provide direct leadership and management of the 911 center's operations. In addition to their normal dispatching duties they also conduct in-service activities, complete dispatcher evaluations, and train new employees.

Current 911 District Board Members

  • Elisabeth Henley (Chair)
  • Jimmy Winters (Vice Chair)
  • John Fuson (Sheriff)
  • Al Ansley (CPD Chief)
  • David Harper
  • John Smith
  • Suzanne Uffelman
  • Geno Grubbs
  • Jimmie Edwards (EMS Director)