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Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court
Montgomery County Courts Center
Two Millennium Plaza, Suite 201
Clarksville, TN 37040
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Phone: (931) 648-5766

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

To provide safe and secure custody, treatment, and rehabilitation services for children and families by efficient management of a juvenile justice system, that recognizes the needs, rights, and responsibilities of children, families, victims and the community without regard to race, color or national origin.


  • Increases in court referrals resulting in public safety threats and unmet state mandates
  • Increases in work load, which reduce the effectiveness and quality of customer service
  • Juvenile probation officers supervising up to 80 juveniles on their case load, despite the National Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice Standards and Goals’ recommendation that caseloads should not exceed 25 juveniles per probation officer
  • Average number of juveniles simultaneously detained during the last fiscal year totaled nine (9). Law Enforcement officials provided two officers per shift to transport juveniles out of county for detention purposes, thus decreasing numbers of available officers for patrol duty


  • Custody Program

    The purpose of the child custody program is to provide safe and secure juvenile detention services for those juveniles who may be a danger to themselves or others. The program also monitors children in state custody and offers alternatives to keep children out of state custody. The program also requires judges and court staff to comply with state mandates taken from TCA 37-1-117, 37-1-130, 37-1-132, 37-2-403, 37-2-406.

  • Prevention/ Diversion Programs

    The purpose of the Juvenile Prevention/ Diversion program is to provide supervision and services to Montgomery County juveniles so they can improve family relationships, enhance school participation, and avoid further involvement with the judicial system.

  • Court Administration Program

    The purpose of the Court Administration Program is to provide intervention and adjudication services such as taking minutes, filing and scheduling cases for attorneys and judges, hearing cases, collecting fees and court cost and ensuring that files and orders are properly completed, filed and archived.


The Montgomery County Juvenile Court will provide juvenile detention services for juvenile offenders to assure a safe and secure facility to protect citizens from criminal activity by juveniles. By Fiscal Year 2010 the Court Administrator will contract with Maury County to purchase bed space at the cost of $130.00 per day. Youth Service Officers will communicate with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department to ensure all juveniles transported from Maury County are supervised according to the guidelines of TCA 37-1-116.


  • Thirty-two (32) percent of juveniles were issued petitions and were placed in juvenile detention in Maury County – Custody Program
  • Three (3) percent of juveniles were scheduled for Foster Care Review Board-Custody Program


  • Four hundred and nineteen (419) juveniles were ordered to juvenile detention – Custody Program
  • Three hundred and ninety (390) juveniles were scheduled for Foster Care Review Board – Custody Program


  • Two thousand five hundred and seventy-eight (2,578) days of detention were ordered – Custody Program
  • Eighty-six (86) juveniles were placed in state custody – Custody Program


  • It costs about three hundred and fifty dollars ($350) per Foster Care Review
  • Board – Custody Program
  • It costs one hundred thirty dollars ($130) per day per juvenile – Custody Program


By December, 2012 the Montgomery County Juvenile Court will comply with state mandates for timely case processing, while at the same time keeping current with its incoming caseload. The court administrator will request a position for a juvenile court referee, youth service officer, file clerk and a Probation Officer Supervisor.


  • 43% of court cases have not met state mandates
  • 6.7% of court documents are not being filed within a timely manner
  • 58% of cases need entered in docket books
  • 49% of cases need to be archived
  • 47% of petitions need intakes by Youth Service Officers


  • 10,476 juvenile cases referred to court
  • 31,200 documents received by juvenile court
  • 9,700 cases are over the age of eighteen (18)
  • 10,476 petitions received by the juvenile court


  • 10,476 juvenile referred for service
  • 9,430 cases were docketed
  • 6,000 cases need to be entered into docket books


  • $130.00 per day per child in detention (Columbia, TN)
  • $175.00 per day in (Rutherford County)
  • $200.00 per day for state custody
  • $ 10.00 per child for county probation